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Welcome to Piano Lo. Here you can learn how to play piano and to understand music and music notation. My method is suitable for children and for adults. In addition, I teach also singing for choir singers and choir conducting. Although I am trained as a classical musician, I have learned my way to play pop and to improvise.

You are welcome for a free trial lesson. 

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Many of my students start from zero. Disregarding the style you like the most, here you can learn the basic principles of piano playing and, if you wish, to read music notation.


You can already play a bit, and perhaps you are familiar with music notation, although reading is still tricky. This might be a good moment to work on the balance and weight of your hand, to develope speed and precission, and to start builiding up your reperoire. You can choose from Bach and Mozart to The Beatles or Einaudi. 


Now that you can play on a good level, you might like to refine your technique, and to enlarge your reperoire. Perhaps you would like to prepare an audition, to accompany a singer or an instrument, or play chamber music. At this point you need to sharpen your ear, and to deapen into a musical concept, to know how to rehearse and how to bring a piece to a high level performance.



All lessons are in my piano studio, in Amsterdam Oud-west, at the Meneer de Wit Kunstcentrum (Baarsjesweg 208 sous). I have recently acquired an acustic grand piano, a Yamaha C2. This is a fine instrument, whose great mechanical response, quality of toneand wide dynamic range makes it very suitable for the great classical repertoire. But it also has a "sparkling" quality which makes Yamah a favorite of pop and jazz piano players. 


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Piano Lo

Baarsjesweg 208

1057HT Amsterdam Oud-west


Students under 20:

€34 per lesson of 45 min.

Students above 20:

€38 per lesson of 45min.

€47 per lesson of 60 min.

Lessons are sold in  packeges of 4 or 8.

Free trial lesson.

Studio for Rent

My sudio and grand piano are also availlable for you. You can rent it for a rehearsal for €12 per hour (minimal 5 hours) or monthly for €8 per hour (minimal 15 hours). You can contact me for more details. 

About me

I’ve been playing piano ever since I can remember. My father taught me the first notes and music soon became my way of life. Before getting my Piano Diploma at the Conservatorium at age 25, I spent many years playing by ear, learning from pop songs, a bit of jazz or simply improvising 

Later, in Barcelona, I completed my master training (M.Mus) and discovered there what would be my second favourite instrument: the choir. And that is what brought me to Amsterdam more than 20 years ago. At the Conservatorium I completed a postgraduate course in Choral Conducting with Jos vermunt and Jos van Veldhoven. I later studied orchestral conducting with Jurjen Hempel and Jorma Panula, and discovered with Rebecca Stewart the Renaissanc en and Baroque repertoire. Nowadays, besides teaching piano and singing, I conduct choirs like the Amsterdams Bach Society, the Ralph Sordo Choir and the Capella Sancta Maria. I also conduct projects with orchestras like the UvA Sweelinckorkest, the Promenade Orkest or Concerto d´Amsterdam. You can check my website for more information: www.enriquelopez.nl

Piano Lo

Piano lessons from Classical repertory and Pop
Self accompaniment for vocalists and singer/songwriters

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