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About me

I’ve been playing piano ever since I can remember. My father taught me the first notes and music soon became my way of life. I spent many years playing by ear, learning from pop songs, a bit of jazz or simply improvising before getting my diploma at the Conservatorium at age 25. I completed my master training (M.Mus) in Barcelona and discovered there what would be my second favourite instrument: the voice. Which is what brought me to Amsterdam 15 years ago, to study a postgraduate course in Choral Conducting. Nowadays, besides teaching piano and singing, I also conduct different choirs in Holland, like the Groot Concertkoor Amsterdam, Capella Groningen and Capella Sancta Maria, and also projects with orchestras like the UvA Sweelinckorkest or the Promenade Orkest.


Teaching is a thrill: I enjoy helping you to understand and perform music and I keep learning from it.

Fee - First lesson is for free

Fees since 1 September 2017:

Students under 21 (no BTW required):

€32C per lesson

Buying a package of 4 or 8 lessons:

€30 per lesson.

Students over 21 (BTW incl.):

€35 per lesson

Buying a package of 4 or 8 lessons:

€33 per lesson.

One lesson is 45 min long. Without commitment you can make an appointment and see how the lessons are, and later decide if this is what you are looking for.

This first lesson is free of charge.


Over the years I have learned that every method has pros and cons and don´t always match the needs of the students. That’s why I like to make a choice together with you. However, I will guide you into making it. For instance, I very much like the songs of the "Hal Leonard Piano method” and “Alfred´s Basic Piano Library” for beginners. I like also to play The Beatles. If you have advanced skills and like classical music, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven will be very helpful. And if you already have a good level but would like to improve your technique and musical knowledge, we’ll search for pieces that will bring you further. You might find Chopin, Brahms, and Debussy simply irresistible: Yet, students are welcome to bring their own proposals any time.

Entrance Examination.

Conservatorium van Amterdam

If you are considering to enter Conservatorium, besides a practical examination in your own instrument, you need to prepare a theoretical exam: key signatures, time signatures, intervals, scales, etc . Whether you wish to enter Early, Classical or Jazz Department, you need to prepare it well. Here I can help you to develop you ear and to comprehend the knowledge you need to succeed in the examination. More often than not, it is mostly about organizing in your head concepts that you already know and getting into the logic of music. We use the same kind of tests they use at the Conservatory. This training will proef very useful for the future as well. About the entrance requirements you can find all the information here.

Enrique Lopez

piano teacher